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Hi, I'm Lucy - your friend who took a leap of faith as a single mom and started a stationery shop on Etsy. But that was just the beginning. I continued to follow my heart, embraced my intuition, and now I find myself here, ready to help you get clarity on your innate genius for your life’s work to be set into motion.

You are the embodiment of your brand—your highest truth—and as an intuitive Gene Keys Guide, Human Design consultant, podcast producer, storyteller, and brand developer, I'm here to support you in building an aligned business you truly love. 

Together, we'll unlock the doors to your prosperity and fulfillment with authenticity and intention. No more waiting in the wings - we're starting today. Let's dive in and create the life you've always imagined.

Are you ready? Let's go.

it's time to Step into your limitless potential

Your Purpose


Get clarity on your unique calling so that you can get paid to do what sets your soul on fire.


Celebrate It Forward is my motto.

Declaring "Life Beautifully Made" as my business tagline when I was a single mom on food stamps reflects the power of believing that anything (truly) is possible! And now, dear friend, I cannot wait to witness that very beauty radiating through you! 


The Lightworkers' Guide


For the visionary, the big dreamer, and the mountain mover—helping you align your highest self with your for-purpose business and true fulfillment. 

Rooted in a foundation of faith and gratitude, topics range from spirituality, health & wellness, Human Design, the Gene Keys, and the Law of Attraction.

These pillars changed my life, and they’re gonna change yours too. 

Top Episodes

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Faith, Love, and Human Design with Chelsea Holden

Embody Feminine Energy Guided Meditation

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My Free Instagram Start Guide for Building a Powerful Brand

Don’t know where to start when it comes to posting on social media? I got you. You’ll want to print this out and have it right next to you when you’re creating content to remind you of how to share your unique story and connect with your audience in a meaningful way (that actually converts)!

xoxo @lucycelebrates

Come dream, pray, and celebrate with me on the daily.

I love connecting with you!

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