It all started with journaling at the top of a sheet of paper, “Things I love to do…”

Capri was just 6 months old and finally sleeping through the night, and I had a deep desire to build a business that would allow me the freedom to always put her first—I saw myself being her class room mom while also being a CEO of a wildly successful company.

This is a space dedicated to elevating your purpose, your voice, and how YOU were created to serve the world with your innate genius.

In 2015, all the studies and wisdom I’d gained through the years of discovering my own purpose flooded out of me, and I wrote the outline of Illuminate Your Purpose in 10 minutes. At the time, I founded LUM Movement (pronounced loom and short for luminosity), a dance and yoga ministry. 

I led a small group of women through the study, and what was revealed was the tool that helped me every step of the way—The Intentional Planner. God, my intuition, my knowing, called me to put LUM down and focus on releasing The Intentional Planner into the world. 

You are the embodiment of your brand, and as an intuitive Gene Keys Guide, Human Design consultant, podcast producer, storyteller, and brand developer, I'm here to support you in building an aligned business you truly love. 


The tool that's led 1000s of faith-led women take aligned action toward their dreams.

For the next 7 years, my whole business was dedicated to sharing how my faith and taking aligned action created a bigger and better life than you could ever imagine.

But Illuminate Your Purpose was still flickering in the background of my heart. I trusted in perfect timing and knew it would resurface as I continued to refine the process and expand even more deeply…

Human Design and the Gene Keys

and that's when I discovered

The most profound thing about my experiment with these tools is that they confirmed the things God had been revealing to me all along.

It was like a wink and a small voice whispering, "Yes, you always knew, now go!"

And so the addition of these transformational tools have changed my life...and they're going to change yours too.

As I guide you through the steps to launch  your podcast, program, or business, Human Design and the Gene Keys give you the permission to be unapologetically YOU and fill in some of the gaps you may have buried along the way. 

behind the scenes

Raw denim, vegan, livin la dolce vida. Dancer, yogi, and Rock the Ride spin chia.

I get after grateful and celebrate it forward. I'm a big dreamer and one day, drew a line in the sand and started creating a life I didn't want to escape from.

What I'm 


My family—they are my WHY and the heart behind everything I do. Watching Capri grow up, sneaking in longer hugs, staycations, and beach days all year round in my hometown.

What I'm 


To be present. With so much passion for helping others build their dreams (and build my own), it’s a daily practice to stop and savor the sweet moments of NOW and breathe in gratitude.

What I'm 

not about

Using my phone for calls (ha I’m kidding, I’m kidding). But really, I’m not about distractions, quick fixes, burying the past, dimming light, or people-pleasing.

what I


You were created for a purpose, and God is able to do far more than we could ever ask or imagine in our wildest dreams.





Swim              SEA
DRINK        WILD AIR.   

in the




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Come dream, pray, and celebrate with me on the daily.

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